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Educational Baby Stacking Blocks, Wooden Montessori Cylinders, Best Sensory Toddler Toy Learning Gifts for Girls and Boys, Ages 1-3, Rainbow

Educational Baby Stacking Blocks, Wooden Montessori Cylinders, Best Sensory Toddler Toy Learning Gifts for Girls and Boys, Ages 1-3, Rainbow

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Set of 4 blocks, with cylinders varying in height and/or diameter in each block. When you place an order, it means you will receive 4 blocks. This Montessori sensorial set includes 4 wooden blocks and 20 cylinders, offering endless opportunities for learning and exploration.

Designed to stimulate visual discrimination, these blocks feature cylinders of varying heights and dimensions, each fitting into its respective hole. Wooden colored Montessori cylinders – will teach the child to distinguish colors, shapes and sizes. Through the manipulation of the cylinders by their knobs, children develop their fine motor skills and prepare for future writing tasks. Additionally, they observe the regular differences in the cylinders, laying the foundation for mathematical concepts.

Our wooden colored Montessori cylinders not only teach children to distinguish colors, shapes, and sizes but also serve as a vibrant addition to nursery decor. Suitable for use in Montessori classrooms, these sets facilitate language learning, introducing concepts such as quality, comparatives, and superlatives.

 - Visual Discrimination: The cylinders help children develop their ability to differentiate between sizes and dimensions. By manipulating the cylinders and fitting them into their corresponding holes, children enhance their visual perception and understanding of spatial relationships.

 - Fine Motor Skills Development: The knobbed cylinders provide an excellent opportunity for children to practice their fine motor skills. Grasping the knobs and placing the cylinders in the correct holes requires precise finger movements, improving hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

 - Preparation for Writing: The handling of the knobbed cylinders by their knobs indirectly prepares children for future writing skills. The coordination and control required to manipulate the cylinders contribute to the development of the muscles and coordination needed for holding a pencil and forming letters.

While our Montessori sensorial sets are suitable for individuals aged 9 months to 99 years, we recommend supervised play for children under 5 years old to ensure their safety and maximize their learning experience.

Dimensions of 1 out of 4 Wooden Montessori Knobbed Cylinder are:

Length: 15 cm / 5.91"
Height: 4 см / 1.57"
Width: 3.5 cm / 1.38"

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Customer Reviews

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I highly recommend these Montessori set. They are well-made, educational, and provide a lot of entertainment for my little one.


These Montessori Cylinders are amazing! They are well-made and perfect for my baby to learn and grow with.


These Montessori cylinders are amazing! They are made with high-quality wood and are the perfect size for little hands. My baby loves playing with them, and I love that they are helping her develop her motor skills and cognitive abilities.


My baby loves playing with them and I love that they are helping with her development.


The quality is excellent and they are helping my baby learn so much.


These wooden Montessori knobbed cylinders are the perfect size for my baby's little hands. They are well made and easy to grasp, which has been great for helping her develop her fine motor skills. I highly recommend these toys to any parent!