About Us

Greetings, dear friends! I'm Svetlana, and alongside my talented husband, we create unique handmade wooden pieces. Our two incredible sons, aged 4 and 8, inspire us to embrace happiness and pursue our passions. In a world dominated by disposable plastic toys, we strive to offer our children a sustainable and meaningful play experience with natural materials.

Our wooden products make wonderful gifts for any occasion. Each item is lovingly handcrafted, allowing for personalization with names or special colors.

Rest assured, we exclusively use water-based paints that are completely safe for children. Even if little ones decide to taste our furniture, it poses no harm whatsoever!

We draw inspiration from the Montessori approach, incorporating various methods into the production of our children's toys. Our ultimate aim is to promote the health and strength of all children. Moreover, we have now expanded our offerings to include natural wood home decor.

Supporting our family business would mean the world to us. We guarantee a hassle-free delivery of our products, as most of them are conveniently stored in our warehouses in the USA and EU, exempt from additional customs duties. Shipping typically takes around 1–2 weeks to any destination.

Driven by our passion, we strive to bring our vision to life through every product bearing our brand name. We firmly believe in creating an environment that fosters children's independent development, encourages their creativity, and allows them to explore the world with wonder. As a family, we also love to travel, and during our journeys, we discovered that our engaging name puzzle is an excellent companion on long trips. Additionally, we cherish moments of tranquility at home, where we can enjoy a cup of coffee in peace and engage in heartfelt conversations with loved ones. Join us on this journey, as we create a space where your child can unleash their potential, learn, and thrive while surrounded by beautiful and functional Montessori furniture and wooden products. 

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